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Who are Ticketbutler?

Ticketbutler is an ambitious, young and energetic team of developers and specialists in the event industry. By providing the best setting for the organizer and the guest, we help you create events with success

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Mads Kjer, ticketbutler CEO

Mads Kjer

CEO- Co Founder

+45 3095 8545 | Find me on LinkedIn

I’ve been in the event industry for most of my life; whether performing on stage, as a behind-the-scenes crew member or working in the administration. Today, I’m passionate about helping event organizers make the most of their hard work. In my spare time, I enjoy doing acrobatic tricks while wakesurfing at the local cable park.

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Kyle Thomson

Co-founder, Front-end Developer

+45 8980 1280 | Find me on LinkedIn

I focus on making organising events and buying tickets quick and simple. I work to ensure the team have the tools they need to create an interface which supports all Ticketbutler's features while maintaining an easy-to-use experience. When AFK, you'll find me mountain biking, hiking, or at the bouldering gym.

Linn Stokke Ticketbutler

Linn Stokke

Online Events & Marketing Specialist

+45 5366 6725 | Find me on LinkedIn

Very lucky to be part of the Ticketbutler team, and proud to represent pristine products from an ambitious company that truly cares about its customers. When I’m not dabbling with marketing, you can find me cruising the backroads on my motorcycle - or with friends at various concerts/festivals!


Bjarke Andersen

Sales Marketing

+45 61107 097 | Find me on LinkedIn



Casper Petersen

Project manager

+45 8980 1280 | Find me on LinkedIn



Emil Brøgger Kjer

CTO, Co-founder

+45 8980 1280 | Find me on LinkedIn

For me it's important the technology used and architecture of Ticketbutler's systems are in line with the growth of the company and ensure stability, scalability and quality for our customers both large and small in size.


Emil Breuning

Marketing Specialist

+45 2829 8696 | Find me on LinkedIn

At Ticketbutler, I combine my interests in events and online marketing. I’m an expert at setting up ads and I’m always willing to give advice on how to sell tickets with online promotions. When not at the Ticketbutler office, you may find me at a local rock show, hanging with my friends.

Maria Lemvigh Jensen Ticketbutler

Maria Jensen

UX Designer

+45 8980 1280 | Find me on LinkedIn

The core of my interests lie in combining functionality, user experience and design, and I do my very best to holistically incorporate technical aspects with user wishes so that everyones’ interests are being met. In my free time I teach and practice full-contact karate.


Hilda Jonasdottir

Back-end Developer

+45 8980 1280 | Find me on LinkedIn

At Ticketbutler, I focus on building and maintaining our server-side systems. I design software architecture and data structure, and enjoy figuring out ways to optimise the applications in order to enhance performance and ultimately ensure a better customer experience.

New Ticketbutler Background


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