Name badges

Name badges for events

Handling name badges should be easy for you as an organiser and a good experience for your guest. That’s why we have developed the Ticketbutler name badge printer.

Your new ticketing system

3, 2, print!

Getting started is a breeze: Turn on the printer. Pair it with a phone or a tablet. The name tags are printed automatically when you check in your guests with the free Ticketbutler app. Easy.

Easy name badge printing

Registration of Guests

You can either use the Ticketbutler ticketing system for guest registration or upload your own data with an Excel file. Guest information is automatically cleaned such all names are with the capital first letter and not being “cut” because of the length. Changes can be made last minute and walk-in guests can register themselves at the door.

How to registrate your guests

Free to use for paid events

Eco-friendly name badges

Reduce the consumption with Ticketbutler’s name tag printer. The badges are not printed until your guests arrive - that way you avoid wasting resources on no-shows. A better solution for you and for the environment.

Sustainable name badges
Keyhangers, lanyardsand name badge holdes

Need sustainable lanyards or name badge holders?

Ticketbutler delivers the whole package when it comes to name badges. Do you need name badge holders, you don’t have to look further. Besides, we offer lanyards designed for name badges made from recycled plastic or bamboo.


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