Be in control

Be in control of your event

Get control of your event by setting up tickets that match your guests, keep track of ticket sales, and check guests in at the door with the Ticketbutler app.

Check in your guests at the door

By downloading your new best friend you have the most important tools in your pocket. In the app you can follow your ticket sales, checking your guests from the guest list or scan the QR tickets through the smartphone camera.

Download the free Ticketbutler app and checkin your guests

Support your customers

Make your customers happy by supporting them when they are in need. Refund their money or resend their ticket if lost (coming soon!) by the click of a button.

Easy refund and guest support

Track your marketing with discount codes

In Ticketbutler you can create discount codes, which is a strong marketing tool. Include a discount code in your marketing campaign and track in Ticketbutler how many times the discount code is used to see how efficient the campaign is.

Create discount and VIP codes

Made easy for your customers

It takes seconds for your customers to buy your tickets. Designed to be easy buying tickets from a phone, no asking for creating a user, and various payment methods including MobilePay payments.

SMS, emails, and reminders

Keep your guests updated through your preferred channel either by SMS, emails, or a message in the automated reminder emails. Inform them about practical things, but mostly about how much they should look forward to your event, so they will bring their friends.

Send your guests reminders on e-mail and sms

Specify your tickets

You can customize the settings of the tickets – define ticket types, prices, put in a ticket description, limit the amount for sale, when it’s for sale, and use the ticket types in your marketing such as “Early bird” or “VIP special”. It is a ticketing system, after all.