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Sell tickets & more

Ticketbutler's Extra Feature

Test the Ticketbutler ticketing platform for free, 
no strings attached. Could this be any easier?


Upsell with Ticketbutler

Upselling and cross-selling is about enhancing your customers’ experience. If you are not offering your customers extras or upgrading a specific item, you are missing out on creating a good customer experience - and a great revenue opportunity.  

Check out this video with Bjarke who will, in just under 70 seconds, show you exactly how the feature works.

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Safe seating

Sell more by offering your ready-to-buy customers additional products or services when they’re buying a ticket to your event. Add-ons can be anything from a VIP seat and a scrumptious meal during the event to great deals on merch, books and other physical items. The sky's the limit here!

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Sell more with an easy checkout process and flow

We’ve made the checkout process super easy for your customers - no extra steps or clutter. Once your future event-goers have chosen their seats and any desired add-ons, they are automatically led to the payment confirmation where they’re offered the convenience of paying with credit card, Apple Pay or MobilePay (the customer favorite in Denmark).

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Want to know about other Ticketbutler features and what they can do for you? Please visit our

feature site. 


It is free to use our ticketing platform. Learn more about ticketing fees and other pricings, by visiting our pricing site.

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