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Ticketing Features

We have packed our ticketing platform with all the features you need to create events with success.

Test the Ticketbutler ticketing platform for free, no no strings attached.


Sell tickets from your homepage

Get traffic to your homepage by integrating the ticketing sale here.

Choose how you want your events shown

Show your event as a single event integration on your homepage, or - if you have multiple events - show them as a list or as dots in a calendar.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Observe the traffic from your ticket sales in Google Analytics.

Integrate with Facebook Pixel

Discover which ad campaigns that work by integrating your Pixel.


Refund & resend tickets

The Ticketbutler dashboard helps you refund and resend tickets.


You can choose to have your revenue paid out after the event or ongoing before your event.

Create discount codes

Do you have guests who deserve a special price?

Create and distribute discount codes.

Sell merch and extras with add-ons

Use add-ons to sell merch and other extras like T-shirts, VIP entries and other non-ticket items.

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Ongoing Payments

If you wish your revenue paid out ongoing before the event, you only need to fill a form online, and hereafter you receive your money ongoing with seven days delay. You can also choose to receive the total revenue after the event so you avoid unnecessary accounting work.

Gratis billetsystem udbetaling

Guest Communications

Danish & English

Ticketbutler speaks both Danish and English, depending on the ticket buyers browser settings.

Guest communications

Send SMS's and reminder e-mails directly to your guests.

Ask questions

Ask your guests questions when buying a ticket and learn who is attending your event.


We match
your brand

Upload your logo and choose colors. We match your brand from purchase flow to ticket design.

E-mail marketing

Let ticket buyers sign up for your newsletter and contact them with information and offers.

Sell tickets with an event page

Create an event page for your ticketing sales that matches your brand.

Event app ticketing checkin

Free Event App

Download the free Ticketbutler check-in app for smartphone and tablet and have the most important tools in your pocket. The app allows you to follow your ticket sales, check in your guests from the guest list or scan the QR tickets through the smartphone camera


All data is yours

Ticketbutler is your ticketing platform, obviously the data belongs to you too.

The Ticketbutler dashboard

Keep updated on your sales in a manageable dashboard.

Gather data

Integrate Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel withyour ticketing system and gather valuable data.

Tickets & Check in

Ticket types

Create several types of tickets for your event. for instance early birds, VIP's and standard.

Design the ticket

Design the ticket as you please. For instance, with logo, pictures and informations.

Check in your guests

With the free Ticketbutler app, you can check your guests in by scanning their tickets.

Online queue system

Treat your ticket buyers fairly. Deliver a seamless customer journey by using our queuing system.

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Name Badges

for Events

Does your event require name badges for the guests? Pair the free Ticketbutler app with our name badge printer and automatically print a name badge every time you check in a guest.

Navneskilte printer til events

Other Features


The tickets will automatically be refunded if you need to cancel your event.

Easy purchase flow

It's easy and quick to purchase a ticket. We do not require any user creations.

Duplicate your events

Avoid starting over when you want to create a new event. duplicate the old one and select a new date.

Payment methods

Let your guests pay as they please. For instance by debit card, invoice or MobilePay

More users

Do you work in teams? Invite your colleagues to take part in the ticket sales.

Export the
attendee list

If you need to, you can export the attendee list to an Excel document.

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Online Marketing

Do you want to be more visible and stand out online? Ticketbutler offers you the first marketing service focused around experiences and event business. Promote your event and sell more tickets with Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.

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Get Started

Get started in less than 5 minutes and try out our ticketing system for free. It's never been easier. 


Want to know about our prices? Learn about ticketing fees by visiting the pricing page.