Name badge holders

There are many types of name badge holders. We have gathered a small selection of the best holders and developed a lanyard that is designed for name badges. We are here to guide you if you need inputs on what would be the best solution for your event.

What name badge fits your event?

Formally or informally? Sustainable? On a budget or the Luxus model? There are many ways to create name badges. Here is the best selection of name badges that covers the biggest part of event types – however, contact us if we should find other solutions to fit your event.

Special designed key hanger

We have made a key hanger specially designed for name badges. They have two clips to the name badge such you always can see the name of the guest. They are shorter than normal such the name sits further upon the body. They are black so they are easier to reuse. And last but not least they are made of recycled plastic – we have enough plastic in the world to reuse.

Free to use for paid events

Sustainable lanyard in recycled playstic