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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ticketing platform free?

Yes. The ticketing system is free for organizers to use. It is up to the organizer to either pay the ticket fee or let the ticket buyer pay the fee.

Is there any commitments?

No. There's no financial commitment when it comes to using our ticketing system. Sign up and try out the platform for free.

How do I receive the money?

You can either choose an ongoing payment before your event, or choose to have the whole revenue paid out after your event. It's up to you.

How does the guest pay?

We have made it easy for your guests to purchase your tickets. Among others, they can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and MobilePay.

Can we have more users?

Yes, it is possible to have several teams and users, when using Ticketbutler. To be precise: 3 users per team for free. Need more users? Please contact us. 

When do I receive the money?

Depending on the payment method you choose, we process your ticket revenue within 3 working days after your event.

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What do our customers think?

Søren Jessen Nielsen, NordicAI

We chose to change to Ticketbutler because we wanted a modern, flexible, and affordable solution for our ticketing. Ticketbutler lived up to the requirements and was even quick to make small adjustments on the go. Besides they were always swift to reply to all our many questions.

Søren Jessen Nielsen, 
Founder of
Sigrid Stilling Netteberg, DUOS

The Ticketbutler team is very committed, professional, and solution-oriented with the challenges we experienced and faced in our event process. This gives us time to concentrate on organizing a better event together with providing a good ticketing experience for our guests.

Sigrid Stilling Netteberg, Development consultant at DUOS
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