Name badge pricing

You shouldn’t spend your valuable time on name badge hassle. The job as an event manager is stressful enough already. That’s why Ticketbutler has made the name badge printer affordable, such you can spend your time better.

Pay per event

This pricing is suitable if you have a single event or a few events annually. The more guests you expect, the more printers are needed – luckily the price lowers with the number of attendees. The price includes printer paper/labels, full support, access to an online system to manage guest data and upload of name badge designs, scanner-app, registration of new guests in the door and much more.

Name badge printer prices
Purchase a name badge printer

Purchase the printer

You might have events spread out over the year, and you would like to have the name badge printer with you all the time. Buy purchasing the printer you always have the name badge printer by your side. And of course our world class support, an online tool to manage guest data and design your name badge, a scanner-app, on-site registration of guests and much more.

Looking for name badge holders?

Ticketbutler offers the full solution including the name badge holders and key hangers. We would also like to help to find the best solution for you.

Name badge holders


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