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We hug everyone! Whether you are looking for a new ticketing platform, the marketing service or name badges for your event, we have prices that will fit your business.

Your new ticketing platform

All prices are displayed without VAT.

All prices are displayed without VAT.

Free to use for paid events

If you have tickets with a price Ticketbutler is absolutely free for you – only a small ticket fee is added on top of the ticket price. No extra processing fees, fees using MobilePay, or other surprises.

Organizing events with free tickets

Have you ever wondered why other online ticketing platforms offer a free service for free events? It's because you pay the ticket provider with the value of data, branding and customer traffic. Ticketbutler doesn't collect your data, meaning the branding and customer traffic are all yours. We want to make sure YOU get all the credit for your event.

Ongoing payments

If you wish your revenue paid out ongoing before the event, you only need to fill a form online, and hereafter you receive your money ongoing with seven days delay. You can also choose to receive the total revenue after the event so you avoid unnecessary accounting work.

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