Plantable wristbands
  • Plantable wristbands

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    Give your guests a sustainable surprise with plantable wristbands, which can be used as “proof of entrance” to your events or you can simply use them as a marketing effort. 


    The wristbands are biodegradable and made from leftovers from the textile industry without toxic chemicals. The material contains meadow seeds, and gives your guest a plantable memory of your event. A memory that's worth talking about and worth sharing on social media. 


    Please note: Due to the degradable material of the plantable wristbands, they are not as durable as similar event wristbands, which is also why we do not recommended to use them for events that last more than one day. 


    The wristbands come in your design on the outside and with Ticketbutler instructions on the inside of the wristbands.

    • Estimated delivery time after approved design is 2-3 weeks. Fast expedition (Express) is possible. The wristbands can not be returned or exchanged after being ordered.