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Seating gratis billetsystem

Numbered Seating

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Seating nummererede pladser video events

Seat reservation

at events

Need seating and floor plans for your events? With Ticketbutler's new and intelligent seating feature, you can build your seating charts with rows, sections, booths, tables, labels and shapes so your event participants can select their preferred seats when purchasing a ticket. Best of all? The feature is super easy to set up!

Watch how to create an event with seating for your guests here.

Seating gratis billetsystem

Safe seating

To limit the spread of COVID-19, we at Ticketbutler have developed an even more intelligent seating function that helps you tailor your event and seating plan according to social distancing guidelines. By automatically blocking the seats around the selected seats when buying tickets, you can rest assured that your guests maintain a safe distance from one another at all times.

Salsplaner events billetsystem

Seating for

any event

Ticketbutler's seating feature can be used to create seating plans for award ceremonies, concerts, theatrical performances, stadiums and more. As soon as you have drawn up your event space, you can start selling tickets. The purchasing process is simple and streamlined, meaning your guests can buy their tickets anytime and anywhere via any device. They also have a multitude of payment options, e.g. credit card, Apple Pay or MobilePay (the customer favorite in Denmark).

Seating gratis billetsystem


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