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Keystone, Frederik Søgaard

Frederik Ploug Søgaard

Head of Business Development at Keystones

"Finally, an event solution that listens 100% to the customer needs and removes our headaches. With over 50 annual events in the pipeline through 10 years, we have tried the most - Ticketbutler gives us what we need and we look forward to seeing what the future brings."

Frej, Iben Rasmussen

Iben Krog Rasmussen

Founder of Tænketanken Frej

"Ticketbutler is extremely user-friendly for both us as organisers and for our guests. Previously we have used other ticketing systems, but none have been as satisfying as Ticketbutler. It is strongly recommended for both events, workshops, and conferences."

Rasmus Møller Bohn, Gl. Brydegaard

Rasmus Møller Bohn

IT nerd & Marketing ninja at

Gl. Brydegaard

"When I read it was some young blood who had started the Ticketbutler platform, I was already sold. Finally some competition in the market. Service is top-notch, it’s user-friendly and their willingness to make a change is not to be missed. 5 stars from here!"

Søren Jessen Nielsen, NordicAI

Søren Jessen Nielsen

Founder of

 "We chose to change to Ticketbutler because we wanted a modern, flexible, and affordable solution for our ticketing. Ticketbutler lived up to the requirements and was even quick to make small adjustments on the go. Besides they were always swift to reply to all our many questions."

Sigrid Stilling Netteberg, DUOS

Sigrid Stilling Netteberg

Development consultant at DUOS

"The Ticketbutler team is very committed, professional, and solution-oriented with the challenges we experienced and faced in our event process. This gives us time to concentrate on organizing a better event together with providing a good ticketing experience for our guests."

Marius Cortsen, Rainmaking

Marius Cortsen

Hackathon organiser at Rainmaking

"We used Ticketbutler for our new innovation event. The team were exceptional pleasing and responded quickly and flexible on our requests."

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