Your data

Use your data


Ticketbutler helps you gather data from your guests, so you get to know your target audience better.

Always have an overview

From your Ticketbutler dashboard, you always have an overview of tickets sold over time, who bought tickets, and what data your guests have entered.

The Ticketbutler dashboard
Follow your ticketing sales in Google Analytics

Understand your customers with Google Analytics

Dig deep into the understanding of your customers by our Google Analytics integration. Where on the internet were your customers before they bought their ticket? Where are they located physically? What gender do they have? Get an answer to these questions and a lot more by looking into your data.

Made easy for your customers

It takes seconds for your customers to buy your tickets. Designed to be easy buying tickets from a phone, no asking for creating a user, and various payment methods including MobilePay payments.

Get the information you want

Do you have specific questions you would like your customers to reply in the purchase flow? Either if it’s questions to the purchaser, to each ticket buyer, to ticket buyers buying specific ticket types, if it’s required to reply or not, we got you covered. Define the questions and easily fetch the data.

Your customers, your newsletter subscribers

Gatherinformation from your guests
Letyour guests signup to your newsletter

Your guests attend your events because they are interested in what you do, so they might also be interested in your future events and other services. We ask all your guests to join your newsletter to build up your fan base faster. You’ve earned it!